No Animal Testing

No Animal Testing


Obviously we are absolutely against animal testing in any form, it's hard to believe any one is in favour of it, right?

Why do soap and bath bomb makers use animal testing? It's hard to understand why but you can only assume it's because they can bring new products to market, without testing the ingredients on humans. It's torture. I can't imagine the pain these animals go through.

It's illegal in the UK but sometimes companies can get any with it by testing products overseas and then selling them in the UK. Same with ingredients. Watch for that. 

There are non-animal testing techniques out there but they can be much more expensive so most companies will take the cheaper route.  

Every time we take on a new product we have the conversation with our manufacturers. We won't sell anything that been near an animal to be tested. It means a lot to us. 

Imagine if your favourite pet was a victim?

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